Physics, fitness, Muscular physics, and Bodybuilding   News information pictures and reports related to it all on this site


Physics, fitness, Muscular physics, and Bodybuilding   News information pictures and reports related to it all on this site

فیزیک ، فیتنس ، ماسکولار فیزیک ، بدنسازی و پرورش اندام ، اخبار اطلاعات تصاویر و گزارشهای مربوط به ان همه در این سایت
Physics, fitness, Muscular physics, and Bodybuilding News information pictures and reports related to it all on this site

۲ مطلب با موضوع «تغدیه» ثبت شده است

محیط دور کمر و دور کمر به دور باسن (WHR )
نسبت دور کمر به باسن  waist  to hip   به منظور اندازه گیری توزیع بافت چربی استفاده می شود . نسبت دور کمر به باسن (whr ) بین چاقی مردانه(سیبی شکل) که تراکم چربی در مناطق شکمی وجود دارد و چاقی زنانه (گلابی شکل ) که چربی در باسن و ران ها تجمع کرده ، تفاوت قائل می شود.نسبت دور کمر به باسن whr یک یا بیشتر در مردان و در زنان 0/8 یا بیشتر ، عامل خطری برای ابتلا به بیماری مرتبط با چاقی است.
مشخص شده است که محیط دور کمر ، در مقایسه با نسبت دور کمر به دور باسن ، شاخص بهتری برای چربی احشایی می باشد و با عوامل خطر بیماریهای قلبی عروقی ارتباط قویتری دارد.
همچنین نسبت دور کمر به باسن پیشبینی کننده خوبی برای افزایش خطر ابتلا به دیابت و بیماریهای قلبی – عروقی می باشد. تجمع چربی محیطی در باسن و ران ها ، برای مقدار مشخصی از چربی شکمی ، ممکن است با شرایط متابولیکی بهتری مرتبط باشد.
زنی با اندازه دور کمر بیش از35 اینچ(89 سانتی متر) و مردی با اندازه دور کمر بیش از 40 اینچ(102 سانتیمتر) را باید برای برخی مشکلات  جدی سلامتی نظیر بیماریهای قلبی ، دیابت، فشار خون بالا ، کلسترول بالا ، و توقف تنفس در خواب و آسم تحت نظر قرارداد.

۰ نظر موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۰۲ ارديبهشت ۹۷ ، ۱۰:۴۴

Bananas are the name of a fruit and plant that is native to the southeastern shores of the South East Asia, the Peninsula, and Australia. Today, the plant is planted in all tropical regions with good moisture content.

The banana plant is planted in the first place for its fruit and also for the production of fiber and beauty. Because the banana is relatively tall and straightforward, it is mistakenly called the tree, while the fact is that they are only branches that are dried after the fruit is removed. These branches can reach a height between two and eight meters, and its leaves can reach about three and a half meters. The banana fruit is formed by a cluster at the end of the stem.

Bananas have always been a vital part of the life of the Pacific Island people. In addition to fruit, all parts of this plant are useful. Bananas are still an important part of the home-gardening materials in the Pacific Islands. On these islands, bananas are commercially grown on a relatively small scale, mainly for local consumption. During World War I, the commercial advancement of bananas in tropical regions was endangered by the use of warships for war, due to practical problems in delivering products to urban areas, resulting in the production of banana and banana.

The first step in importing and planting banana cultivars was specially traced back to 1348, with 5000 bananas from Pakistan entering the country, which continues to grow in some parts of the country.

Tips on bananas

(1) As compared to other fruits, bananas have a higher level of energy, which is therefore suggested to athletes. Banana is also a muscle booster.

Two) Bananas have high levels of magnesium and potassium. Hence, the banana is anti-stress and helps lower blood pressure.

Three) Banana is obesity and is not recommended for people with diabetes (due to high glycemic index)

Four) Bananas are very useful for those who are smoking cessation.

Five) The banana breaks the hemorrhage.

Six) Banana contains only 0.5% of calcium but increases the absorption of calcium by the body. (Due to the presence of fructolucosaccharides)

Seven) Banana is an anticancer.

Eight) Dried bananas are full of carbohydrates.

No) The results of a recent study at the Royal College of London have shown that taking a banana a day significantly reduces the risk of developing asthma symptoms in children.

Ten) Banana is a good source of fiber and its iron is useful for hematopoiesis.

General reinforcement

Banana is a tropical and energy-rich fruit juice that treats mental and physical fatigue and complications of recurrence and anemia.

Bananas, nerves, muscles, bones, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, cardiovascular, sexual organs, and other organs of the body, and relieve their disorders and cure slimming.

Respiratory disorders

Banana, soothing cough and chest pain and throat inflammation.

Skin disorders

Banana mix with vinegar, it heals skin scrubs and removes skin patches.

Burned powder of banana also heals wounds and prevents bleeding.

Sexual power

Dried bananas and bananas are both sexual stimulants.

Stomach disorders

Banana strengthens the stomach and intestine and cures gastric ulcers.

Bananas are useful for preventing stomach inflammation.

۰ نظر موافقین ۰ مخالفین ۰ ۲۵ فروردين ۹۷ ، ۱۱:۴۸